A diverse range of women from various ethnicities donate here, each possessing unique talents and attributes. Thank you for considering donation!

How to Begin

Once chosen, you will only go through the donation process once.
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To Qualify

  • Between 19-29 years old
  • Excellent health
  • Non-smoker and drug-free (You will be tested)
  • High school graduate (college and/or advanced degree is preferred)
  • Appropriate height and weight
  • Without Depo injections for birth control (you may apply once you are off Depo and have a normal menstrual cycle)
  • No Norplant (you may register once it has expired)
  • No new piercings or tattoos within the last 12 months
  • Diligent, dependable, with a flexible schedule
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Great! You Qualify!

Complete our donor application (online on our website or through mail) and provide photos (of you and your children). Glamour shots are welcome.

Our staff will review you application and if all requirements show that you are a good Egg Donor Candidate, you will be invited for an in-person or phone interview to complete the process.

Happy beautiful woman watching videos or enjoying entertainment content on a tablet sitting on the sofa in the house.
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Finding a Match

Once accepted into the Egg Donor program, your profile will be featured in our database and Intended Parents will be able to view your picture and some non-identifying information. We will never publish your last name, date of birth, or social security number.

When an Intended Parent selects you as their Egg Donor, we will inform you and start the donation process. An EDSI Professional will guide you through all necessary steps, including coordination and facilitation of appointments and contacts between you, psychologists, attorneys, and the fertility specialist. In some cases, you may meet the Intended Parents if your preferences for non-anonymity match.

Egg Donation Process

The whole cycle takes about 4-6 weeks in these 6 steps.

Psychological Screening

Once you are matched, you will meet with a Mental Health Professional for screening and evaluation.

Medical Clearance

You will meet with the recipients’ Fertility Specialist for your physical examination and clearance. This assures that you are healthy and fit to be an Egg Donor.

Legal Clearance

You will receive the legal contracts to inform you of your rights and you will be provided with a lawyer to explain the contract to you and provide legal advice. It will be the recipients’ responsibility to pay for this.

Egg Donor Cycle Synchronization with Recipient Mother
  • You will most likely be placed on birth control pills.
  • You will receive instructions on the use of medications and injections in preparation for the egg donor cycle.
  • You will have routine ultrasounds and Doctor’s visits throughout the cycle in preparation for the egg retrieval.
Egg Retrieval

The eggs are retrieved through a non-surgical procedure, and under sedation. The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

Completion of Cycle

After confirmation of retrieval by the physician, fees are sent to the Egg Donor.

Begin Your Application

Fill out the information below and we will be in contact soon!

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